You are kindly requested to study the company's home page. HANtech Machine Manufacturing and Trading Company Pte. Ltd. is one of the oldest and greatest agricultural factory in Central Europe. The success of HANtech has been based on its expertise in manufacturing agricultural machines and spare parts. As a result, the company has seen growth in its export markets in the neighbouring countries and in West and Central Europe.

Traditionally HANtech Pte. Ltd. is a company for the manufacturing of agricultural machines and is in the agricultural business since 1949. We are located in Western-Hungary in the city of Csorna, where the company was initially founded, near the Austrian-Hungarian and Slovak-Hungarian border. The main product of our company is the Pick-Up adapter integrated into baler. HANtech also produces spare parts for the automobile industry. For many years we have been supplying the RÁBA Hungarian Wagon and Machinemanufacturer company. For this company we produce the shaft ends and various lasercutted parts for chassis.

The aims of HANtech – be in the first rank of the production of agricultural machines,
– be customer’s need oriented,
– be flexible making today’s products considering future demands,
– have market segments worldwide,
– be well developed in agricultural products,
– satisfy OEM customers with abundant choice,
Philosophy At Hantech our mission is the following: "To contribute to a better world by creating value together with a vision for the future." We embody these principles in all of our company's activities. We plan to expand the scope of our activities, into the world and into the future. Reliable products are just the starting point. While we strive to achieve our goals, we look forward to your continuous support and guidance.

Quality Management since 1997 Hantech's production conforms to the ISO 9001 Management System Standard. When the certificate expired, we elevated the qualification level of our work and our certificate was revived on the new standard of EN ISO 9001:2008. We also employ the latest technology for our quality assurance like the 3D measuring arm ROMER Absolute Arm 7330.

Company MessageWhile the agricultural industry remains one of our fields, we are also expanding the range of our business activities, finding new applications for technologies developed through our long involvement in the machine manufacturing business. We plan to expand the scope of our activities, into the world and into the future.